Dinner Bell    The parks history starts all the way back to the 1920's as a sanctuary for wild deer. A gentleman lived
on the hill behind the now established park and loved feeding the wildlife! He eventually mounted a large
dinner bell on a post and began ringing it everytime he put out feed for the animals. Over time, the deer
were trained to that noise and would come when called. The property became a major attraction with the
locals. People brought their children out to have an up close and personal experience with the local wildlife.
Now the park is operated much like other deer farms. We are still a non-profit organization and the main
source of funding comes from visitors purchasing bags of feed to give to the deer! Every summer we hear
stories ranging from 90 year old visitors who remember coming out with their parents to baby boomers now
bringing outtheir grandchildren! All these stories warm our hearts. We are excited to see new faces too!