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We are always in need of many items to keep this place running. There are many ways you can help!
You can show your support by purchasing a yearly membership for $6.00(see below). You can just donate
money(also see below). Or you can donate per our wish list below.

Name a Deer Donation:

For a park donation of $50.00, you can name your very own deer! We have lots of fawns born
every spring and some adults that still need naming. You may want to carry on the memory of a
lost loved one or name a deer after your child. What ever the desire, your generous donation
will go straight to the deer!

Just Want To Donate?

Any donation amount is accepted and appreciated.
Yearly Membership(includes newsletter and membership card)-$6.00.

Wish List:

compact crawler
mature trees
taxidermy native wildlife(to go into our museum)
paint - tan and forest green(to paint outbuildings, barns)
fencing, cedar posts(wood can be treated)
3rd cutting alfalfa hay
old 4 wheeler(to pull our trailer around, manure/hay clean up)
riding lawn mower(ours is ready for the junk yard)

Donation Link

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