We are a "Free Admission" non-profit facility where you can hand feed a small herd of Whitetail Deer.
We have bags of feed you can purchase for a small fee. This facilty was established in the 1940's and
has put smiles on childrens faces ever since. The Ogemaw Nature Park is in a secluded environment that's
extremely peaceful and relaxing! Many families bring their lunch and spend the day with us. We are
completely fenced in so the kids can run free.

Fawning Season:

May through June is our fawing season. Every year, we challenge our young visitors with our
"Fawn Naming Contest". The number of winners depend on the number of fawns born that spring.
If your child comes up with one of the most Creative names, they'll win an Ogemaw Park t-shirt
and a picture of their newly named Fawn! So we welcome you to bring little ones to come see our
little ones!

Fall Rut:

Through out Fall, many hunters stop in to see our bucks in rut. The boys always put on a good
show snorting, stomping, and rubbing on everything in site! The bucks usually "hard horn" at the
end of August and are in Full rut by November. Over the next few years we'll be working on getting
some bigger bucks in here and even some piebalds, so stay tuned!

Park Peafowl:

Our park peacock, Big Bird, struts his stuff every spring and his boisterous calls always amuse park
visitors! His is a typical India Blue. Every year in August he sheds his five foot train feathers all
over the park. Kids love searching for them to take home! Big Bird now has two female companions... a
white peahen and a piebald. We are hoping, soon, we'll have little ones running around.

Party Rentals:

For a unique experience, call us today and schedule your next family reunion, baby shower, child's birthday
bash or wedding at the Ogemaw Nature Park! Our hall can accommodate 150 guests inside/250 plus outside and
can be used during the warmer months. The hall has a large kitchen with a stove, two refrigerators, tables
and chairs, restrooms and even children's size tables and chairs. Outside there is a beautiful gazebo, HUGE
grassy field, picnic tables and horseshoe pits. We also have plenty of space if your party wants to camp over
night here! Contact us today for a quote by clicking on the contact tab.